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FOR SALE Savage 17 WMR


Senior Member
Allen County
Savage 17 WMR

* SS Finish
* Heavy Barrel
* Accu-Trigger
* 10 Round Rotory Magazine
* Owner's Manual & Original Box
* Rifle Sling
* Bi-Pod 8" to 13" Height
* 17 caliber Bore Snake

Less than 25 rounds through this rifle.
Extremely accurate! 2 1/2 times more downrange power than the 17 HMR.
Like new condition. Not a mark on it! Groundhog killin' machine!

Contact: Daniel @ 419-302-9404 after 4 p.m. weekdays or anytime on weekends.
$400 OBO Cash ONLY!
Meeting face to face within a reasonable distance is possible.



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NW Ohio
I'm not familiar with the WMR. What is the difference? My neighbor was using my HMR. Loved it. Started talking about getting one. Highly frangible round in the HMR. Is the WMR similar? This is a big selling point for me. He has some ground hog issues on his farm.


Senior Member
Allen County
The 17 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rifle) was developed by Savage and Winchester. They used a 27 caliber nail gun cartridge, which is thick walled and can withstand more pressure and necked it down to 17 caliber. There are 25 and 20 grain bullet choices. (This is a rimfire cartridge!) I used the 20 grain bullets, because they're going 3000 fps. It has the same accuracy as the HMR, but has 2 1/2 times more downrange power. This rifle will shoot 5 shots inside a dime at 100 yards, which is plenty good enough for groundhogs. Plus, it hits like a 22-250. You can hear the bullet's hydrostatic shock, when it smacks a groundhog and it lays them out. Very similar ballistics as a Ruger 204, but it's rimfire....a 20 gr. bullet at 3000 fps.

My first 4 shots out of this rifle, killed 4 groundhogs at 86, 136, 143 and 168 yards. :cool: One shot, in the chest and the tipped over, like a centerfire rifle.