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FOR SALE savage 22-250 for trade

after the last 24 hours i have had and my family has had , im starting to think i need home defense gun , something smaller then a rifle and something i can carry on me most times , so the 22-250 is up for trade , willing to do even trade for a 9 mm or 45 since those two or the ones im most comfortable shooting , ill post pics later
having some issues with people threatening and harrassing my wife and kids over a dog , they are saying thier gonna break in and do other stuff , the cops have a cell phone number but arent having any luck finding the owner to the number , plus i could use it for when i watch the paylake at nights , we get some crazy people in there late night thinking its a party spot
thats the one , i fergot i put that pic up , if i dont trade it off , or no one wants it thats cool , buddy of mine is lettign me borrow his 45



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I have a Savage 22-250. They are very accurates rifles! And thata's a very good price.

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
I would jump all over this if I hadn't been slowly buying Ted's gun collection. Or need the wife to come home tonigh with a $300 purchase. I would tell Ugly whatever he wanted for that price!


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I don't need a 22-250 and I see you already have the hook up. But i was gonna tell ya I have a big .45 ya could borrow. Pawnshop bought in KY. Made in Spain and imported in the early 90's. 12+1 of .45.. and 49.5 ounces naked. Loaded she's about 4 lbs..

Star Megastar .45 ACP.. Combat pistol / club / whatever. I bought her in the event i might someday need a gun that can empty a mag and sink.. ;)

Here is a size pic from a movie. Solid Steel right down to the sights. Kicks like a BB gun.



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Sunbury, OH

I really like the Star lineup. Well built, overbuilt actually, firearms.

Jesus rolls with Spanish guns because they make him some cool statues :)



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I'm gonna pass on this Mark. If it had the AccuTrigger, I'd buy it. Or if it was .243, I'd take it. I don't have the spare cash to buy it, so I'd have to sell a gun to buy a gun and I'm not comfortable with that. Still a nice gun and a good deal, but not for me! Good luck getting rid of it and of your troubles!!!