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Sawing logs


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Mahoning Co.
I was going through some old photos and thought you guys might enjoy these.

From ~1912 of a beam in my barn, before and after sawing. It is 60 ft long, so the sawmill bed needed to be over 120' long. The saw is an Enterprise sawmill made in Columbiana by my grandpa's brother. One of my neighbor's uncle helped and said that when they were dragging the log (poplar) down from the woods it started to slide and almost ran over the teams dragging it.



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North Central Ohio
That's awesome Sam. Makes you appreciate things a little more knowing just how hard it use to be to get things done. Love looking at old pics and hearing the stories behind them. Thanks for posting and sharing them Sam :smiley_clap:


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Southeast Ohio
I really wish I could have experienced life before technology. The things people did with simple tools and physical labor back then was simply amazing. Thanks for sharing Sam!


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Mahoning Co.
Cool!! Do you have anymore??
Lots of family that would be of no interest to you guys but here's some farm photos.

Here's one from the other(west) side of the buildings. Not sure of the year but I'd guess 1890-1912 range. There is a man sitting on the reaper, depending on the year either my great-grandpa or my grandpa. What looks like boys by the barn door.

This is definitely grandpa, probably ~1910

Here's my great-grandpa Samuel Myers (both my paternal great-grandpas were named Sam) with what appears to be a Guernsey bull. His farm was a few miles south of here. also ~1910