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Scheduling conflict with this party....


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Central Ohio
Unfortunately I already have plans for this date. However, I'll be glad to celebrate PETA's birthday on the 25th of this month by taking my position back in the food chain, being a Person Eating Tasty Animals. I can't wait for some fresh venison tender loins!!!!

30th Anniversary” PETA Celebration Looms


Animal rights activists from around the country are expected to participate in what promises to be a star studded get together for the PETA crowd. The group, a thorn in the side of sportsmen, designers and scientists, and basically against most traditional ways of life, is preparing to throw a Hollywood style party to celebrate 30 years of activism.

Headlining the gala is Alec Baldwin. The actor, famous for roles in movies like Hunt for the Red October and the sitcom 30 Rock, will join PETA President and founder Ingrid Newkirk for the event to be held in Los Angeles on September 25. Baldwin stated that, “PETA has become a cultural force through creative campaigns that have made society reexamine its relationship with animals.”

Apparently, Baldwin is not the only Hollywood celebrity planning on attending the event. Other guests include former Price is Right host and “animal rights sugar daddy” Bob Barker who has a long history of financially supporting animal rights law classes and even footed the bill for a new PETA office building last year. Also attending will be actor Woody Harrelson of Cheers fame.

While attending the event, animal rights activists will have a chance to win numerous silent auction prizes such as two VIP tickets to a taping of 2009 “PETA Woman of the Year,” Ellen DeGeneres’ show or even dinner with Newkirk herself.

Of course, PETA has proven itself to be a rabid opponent of hunting as well as any human use of animals.

“For 30 years PETA has been putting animals on a pedestal while making it out like humans are evil,” said Greg R. Lawson, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance director of communications. “It’s too bad that so many in the ‘glamour’ crowd are willing to offer their support for this kind of extremism instead of celebrating the traditions and values that helped America become and continue to be great.”


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I will make it a point to kill something tomorrow. Squirrels first, varmints second....neighbor's cat as fallback option. but something's goin down