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Scioto Land Company....anyone know anything?


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Long story short, Scioto Land Company owns a small 5 acre parcel that borders my hunting property. I have tried (relentlessly) to get in contact with someone about buying it.

It seems like they are a dark, secret society in which one company leads to a company that oversees them, that turns into another company, etc etc.

For a company that owns well over 100,000 acres in Southeast Ohio, they are near impossible to get in contact with. It seems the only way to get in touch with them is if they want to contact you.

I have already checked with the county auditor's office. The only thing they have for them is the same as we can all find online....an address in Atlanta, Georgia in a skyscraper that nobody in the security department of that building has even heard of.

I have went down every avenue possible and I am exhausted and aggrivated lol. Any help, contacts or leads would be more than appreciated! Just trying to see if anyone on here has dealt with them recently on leases, buying land, etc.


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Go to the OHIO Secretary of State website and look up the business by name. They should have a registration for them to do business in Ohio and that should have the contact Info in it


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Good idea....already went down that road. Looks like they are tied into a company called Bowmore but there is no contact number or contact information for them on the secretary of state website.


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Wood Co.
found this
Scioto Land Company is the owner of what used to be Mead land. They are the single largest land owner in Ohio. They have property for lease in alot of the southern counties. Most of the land is rugged foothills of the appalachia with good genetics. They are slowly selling the properties off in lieu of leasing them but there are still leases to be had. I believe they are an equity investment company looking to turn a dollar on the land. They purchased thousands of acres for low cost per acre. My only interaction with them was through offers and counter offers when I was attempting to purchase a piece of their property.


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The Hills
TIG is the main investment company for these. You will see a slew of them pop up in a few months for bid. They've been getting driven up to $25+ an acre. They're great if you dont have issues, if you have issues they're absolutely no help at all.