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Senior Member
Licking Co.
I took my trowel with me and did some multi-tasking in the squirrel woods this morning while the dogs worked. while running the dogs in the spring I've located several nice patches of various wild edibles over these last few years, so I knew exactly where to go to find some wild leeks, a.k.a. ramps. no pheasant backs or fiddleheads yet. think I'll either fry some potatoes with some tonight, or maybe saute' some canned chantarelles with some. maybe both. :cool:


Sgt Fury

Junior Member
Southern NJ/Vinton county Ohio
It’s funny that I’ve never heard of ramps before and a little over a week after reading this, my neighboring property owner in Ohio (he’s from Ohio, I live in Jersey) showed me where there are dozens of patches of ramps growing near where we set up a new blind. He asked if I knew what ramps were and I said yes, I use one to take the quad off of my truck. He laughed then showed me what they were, then I remembered reading this and the light bulb lit up in my head....Lol. I’ll make it a point to dig some up the next time I’m out there.