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Selective herbicides for clover


Junior Member
Dayton, Ohio
Many wildlife managers plant clover on their ground due to the nutrition it provides deer for approx 8 months out of the year here in Ohio (April through November). Clover is very high in protein and it sought after by deer. MOst red clovers are biennials, meaning they only last two years. However, white clovers, if cared for properly can last 3-5 years saving wear and tear on equipment and $. Many times weeds become an issue in clover plots and unless mowed very frequently, the weeds and go out of control and smuther the clover. There are two herbicides that can be used on clover:

Clethodim (grass killer that will not harm broadleafs)
- use at 8-10 oz per acre mixed with crop oil (1.3oz per gallon of crop oil).

I use a 4 gallon BP sprayer since all my plots are an acre or less. At a swift walk I can cover 3/4 of an acre. One can go a little heavy on the clethodim and not hurt a thing, but the crop oil can burn the clover so I try and go light on the crop oil (1%V/V).

Butyrac 200 (2-4DB) The "B" is critical!!!! This will kill broadleafs in your clover without killing your clover!
- use 1-3 quarts per acre (no crop oil is needed with this) I usually use about 1.5 quarts.

June and July are great months to clean up your clover plots so they are nice and lush come hunting season. Also, fertilize about 30-45 days before the bow opener with 6-24-24 to sweeten them up.