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Self Promo - Habitat Podcast


*Supporting Member*
Well guys, I was honestly honored to get asked to do a podcast by a few guys who have started up a PODCAST just talking to regular joes about the work they have done on their property.

Here is a link to the podcast, if you dont listen to mine - give the other ones a try, the guys put out some good stuff


Basics I covered
1. My background
2. Some observations I have made
3. Few success stories
4. Plotting tips, beans, cover crops, etc.
5. Being realistic in goals

Disclaimer - I am very very very far from an expert or even a great hunter. I am just a guy who loves habitat mgt and deer and was blessed to get invited to chat about it. Very difficult to put yourself out there as I know I made mistakes and said things people disagree with but overall it was a boat load of FUN!

Thanks all!