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Sharing The Addiction.

Saturday I took my girlfriend to a local archery range after she has been pestering me for the last week to teach her how to shoot a bow. I always take new shooters to a range if it is their first experance shooting either a bow or a gun. I do this because there are fewer distractions. I thought she would show only minor interest after a dozen arrows threw the bow like she did when I took her to shoot my .22 but instead we spend over three hours at the range. She has continued to show a lot of interest and I took her again to the range this afternoon and we had a great time. For as little shooting as has done her groupings at 10, 20, and 30 yards are great. I have only introduce two other shooters to archery. Everytime I have taken some one out and put a bow in their hands for the first time has always been a lot of fun and very rewarding. I suggest if you have a you have a lighter poundage compound or youth bow laying around take your wife, girlfriend, kids, nefews, nieces, and friends shooting. Jess is shooting a 40 pound Hoyt Mystic Rebel that was made around 1995 so the bow doesn't have to be anything fancy.

Pass on the passion you have for the sport and and start some one else shooting soon.


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Good deal TL. I've had a hand in getting a dozen or so people involved with archery and it's always a thrill. I keep two loaner bows on hand just for the purpose of helping people get started. I strongly believe we have a duty to pass on the heritage of the outdoors in whatever manner best suits the potential newcomer. You're doing a great thing. As someone who has introduced my better half to archery and bowhunting, I can assure you it's a worth while investment. If she gets it, the you are in the clear!


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This will be my wifes first season. She did great at the 3D shoots we went to. Now just to see how she does when a deer gets in front of her. I think it has been as enjoyable for me as it has been for her.


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Very cool. I may just have to try to put a bow in my wife's hands sometime soon. I think she would really like it if she just gave it a try.


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It's not a hard bug to pass, as I found out. Lung buster gave me a great deal on a bow, Jesse and Hoyt have and keep giving me advice...and thanks to those gentlemen I've got it bad..,


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This will be my wife's second year bow hunting. Last year was kind of a trial period to see how she would do just being out in the woods and 25' up a tree. She did very well, and was very patient, so this fall, I'm gonna focus on helping her get her first deer. She shoots very well for only having a years worth of slinging arrows under her belt, especially when she knows the yardages. She is still struggling with learning to judge distances though, which I must admit is tough for me at times. We will see how things go this fall, but at this point, she is as fired up as I am.