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Shed dog...


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Another idea I just had…(hope this doesn't end up like the yote thread:smiley_crocodile:) Does anyone run a service with a dog to find sheds? I've never found a shed in my life, I'm hoping to change that this year… BUT I have this one buck that got me bad this year and I really really want to find his sheds. I'd be whiling to drop a small fee for someone to come out and run a dog for a few hours. If no one does this, maybe I should just get me a shed dog and start.


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When was the last time u had photos of the Buck?

Reason I ask is because in late winter deer shift habitat.... for example.... the match set of sheds we found yesterday were over a mile from where I had pictures of that deer in January.... unless you are feeding super heavy.... or have some phenomenal habitat with late food source... that deer probably isn't anywhere near where u saw him in season.... not saying u can't find em close..... but its a serious game of losing odds. Ha


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Our deer migrate too late season food source which happens too be about a mile away. Like Zach said it's a crap shoot but the best way is just too start hitting the woods and walk around.... Find the well used trails and start there.... Like you I've never found them shed hunting but have found some while we were rabbit hunting that were all chewed up..... Getting a pup is a good way too kill two birds with one stone..... Always have a partner willing too go out into the woods with you.....