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Shooting with glasses


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Shermans Dale, PA
What's the secret to shooting instinctive while wearing glasses? Instinctive being picking a spot and shooting it (not gap or shot gunning).

I've tried it a few times, but when I'm aiming/focusing I tend to either look over the top of the glasses or the view is split because one half is covered by the lens and the other isn't. My new glasses are rimless so it's not as bad as shooting with framed glasses.

I'm considering trying contacts again, but getting time to get over to get a new exam has proven challenging. My last round with contacts didn't go to well and I couldn't get used to them.

I can see ok, but small things and distant objects are difficult. What about sports or tactical glasses?
I never had that much trouble seeing with glasses, except steam up issues. The width of the nose bridge can come into the sight plan and may be corrected with a shooting style glasses. I had lasic surgery about 10 years ago and been good ever since.

Most of the time if one is having trouble it can be associated with the head position and anchor point. You probably do not want to change either but for a test you can try.


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Not sure what your problem is TF. I've had glasses for YEARS now and never had a problem. Practice practice practice would probably help. :smiley_bril::smiley_adfundum: