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Should have thought it threw.


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Mahoning Co.
Bubba and Junior drift on the Gulf of Mexico in a lifeboat. Hidden behind a box of emergency rations, Bubba finds an old lamp. For want of better things to do, he rubs the lamp, and here appears a genie...

The genie is a rather ratty genie, and explains that against all traditions he's limited to only one grantable wish.

In a blink, Bubba's mind is made and he blurts: "Turn all this stupid water into chilled beer!"

The genie snaps his fingers, a huge crashing and gushing sound ensues, and at once the whole landscape turns to gold, frothed with snowy-foamy-bubbly chilled beer head, just as the genie disappears.

Bubba contemplates the ocean in rapture, but Junior shakes his head in disgust. After a long tension-filled silence, Junior erupts: "Well done, you dumbass... Now we've got to piss in the frickin' boat!"