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Show and Tell: Your hunting bow...


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North Central Ohio
I thought we had a thread back in the beginning when we did all the " Show Us " threads but, hell if I can find it lmao.

Post um up fellas. Lets see what will be laying the big deer down. :smiley_clap:
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Sunbury, OH
No direct pictures of it but....

2005 Mathews LX



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Southeast Ohio
I would say It could be found by Tuesday or Wedanesday if you want. Mine should be in on Wednesday evening UPS.

Haha, just giving you a hard time. Keep it until you get yours. Earliest I can shoot would be this weekend. If you ship it Thursday USPS, I will have it Friday.


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Here's my hunting rig... nearly a mirror image to Greg's setup. 2010 Elite Z28 Ninja. Armortech HD sight, G5 Expert Pro dropaway, Stokerized 10" stab, Redeye 3/16" peep, Greg Fleming custom wrist sling, and shooting Easton Flatline 340's with the aid of a Stan Shootoff Quatro release. 29.5" draw length, 72.6# draw weight... throws a 380 grain flatline 298-300 fps. Yea, she's my baby... :smiley_bril:

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Not to be a copy cat..But here is my 2010 Ninja Z28.I call her "Black Sunshine""..Extreme RT900 4 pin sight,old style whisker biscuit rest,Vortexx 6 arrow rotating quiver an a Dead center archery 6inch 3D Pro hunter stabilizer, 1/4in Fletcher peep,Gold Tip XT hunter shafts,slick trick magnums broadheads,Hot Shot Tempest 3 finger release and custom sling from straight N arrow .I got a deal on most all the stuff only the stabilizer was used..Everything else new an I got just over 500$ in it(not including arrows,broad heads release etc..)

62lb 28in draw an 375grain arrow(Gold tip XT an Exp hunters) 270fps.. 318grain( Victory HV 400 spine) 288fps

When my elbow on my bow arm is acting up

52lb 28in draw 375grain arrow 250fps...318grain 267fps

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NE Ohio
Jennings Machine Extreme
100gr. Muzzy
Easton alum.arrows

w/old pin set up


RedCloud , CJD and Riverdude

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Kingston, OH
My '09 Pearson Z34...I absolutely love this bow. I see me keeping this upwards of 10 years. R2B2 cam 29 draw set at 65lbs. 341 grain arrow at 305. Keep the pics coming guys!!

My '09 Pearson Z34...I absolutely love this bow. I see me keeping this upwards of 10 years. R2B2 cam 29 draw set at 65lbs. 341 grain arrow at 305. Keep the pics coming guys!!

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My bud just picked up a chromed riser Z34 with R2B2's its a sweet bow .He hunts with a xbow an shoots 3d with the Pearson..I Am trying to talk him into wrapping some cloth an camo duct tape around the riser an hunting with it..I see allot of similaritys between it an my Z28...The look an feel is somewhat similar..The Z28 is smoother,more vibe free,an has very little noise IMO..The Z34 wasnt bad in these area's but the Z28 seems a touch better..But through the chrono the Z34 will smoke the Z28..An I think I may like the Pearson grip alot better..Its nice to see folks shooting bows other then the super mainstream stuff..
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Black widow PSA2. 45#@28. 60inches. Graybark.


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