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Silly Google.


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We have been seeing our serch rankings pick up here quite a bit lately. I always try to keep tabs on the keywords that bring people to the site.. Yesterday we got a hit because someone searched for the following phrase in google
"nick ain't got no neck" :smiley_crocodile:

Out of all the keywords like big buck. archery, ohio deer hunting, and wifes ta-tas, Noooooooo we get one for "nick ain't got no neck"......

That person was directed here...
Flute man.....play your flute greg!....nic nak nick ain't got no neck

That person stayed on the site 3 seconds. :smiley_crocodile::smiley_crocodile::smiley_crocodile: I guess we were not what they were looking for..


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
Now that is just TOO funny!! Now I have something to do tonight, play on Google and see where it takes me, lol.


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Southeast Ohio
No neck Nick, no neck Nick, Nick, Nick nac patty wack give the dog a bone, but it can't be no neck bone cause Nick ain't got no neck.

1,2,3,4 What the hell we fightin' for, FLUTEMAN!