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sister's first deer


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I took my 12 yr old sister out for the youth hunt yesterday, this is her second year hunting but she had not shot a deer yet. We were getting out kinda late and spooked 2 out walking to the stand. It wasnt long though before a nice 8 point (Id say 125 or so) came by pushing 2 does but they were just out of range. About 15 min later the does came back at about 60 yards and he was right behind them! I tried multiple times to get him to stop but he wouldnt so she shot and I saw the dirt fly and I told her to shoot again, and agiain I saw it hit the dirt. He continued to follow the does and they didnt seem spooked at all, it was weird. They were at about 110 yards and they stopped and ate and he bumped them around for about the next 30 min. but it was a little out of her range. After a while the does made their way back down and I told her to get ready because he would be coming. The does came by at 30 yards and I really got excited! But for some reason he took a trail a little higher up the hill. I was sitting a little higher than she was and I could see him perfect, so I kept telling her to shoot but she couldnt see him and he walked out of range. I could tell she was upset so I told her we still had plenty of time. A little while later some deer started coming our way, there was 5 does (my sister said it was a parade of does haha) and they came right in and stood about 15 yards broadside and I told her to pick which ever one she wanted. She shot the second one and it ran about 40 yards and layed down. It was an awesome hunt Im sure Ill never forget. She said she is going to sit in that same stand all week gun season to get the 8 pt...I think she is hooked!



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Man that's a monster! Congrats to yall on a great hunt. Add one to the ranks. :smiley_blink: