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Sitka gear


Dignitary Member
Shermans Dale, PA
Anyone here use it? I'm considering buying some of their rain gear and the Sitka Ascent back pack. I used a camel back pack last during last years elk hunt and although it worked great I had two beefs with it. The first was that it rode to high in my shoulders and when I tried to duck under branches and stuff it aways got caught. The second was that when it was cold the zippers were a pain to open and they were always noisey.

This bad has about 400 cc more room, lays low on the back and is very quite. Funny thing is it's only about $75 more than I paid for the Camel Back.

If I can ever get camofire.com to add the ability to use an FPO addresse to their website I may get a Sitka jacket to wear as a cool weather jacket or use when I finally start hunting in Japan.