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slip float catfish rigs

alot of people have asked me what types of rigs i use for catfishing , well the beginning of this year i started using bobbers or floats, and my catch rate has almost doubled, why you may ask, well when a live bait is under a float it drifts more which means you cover more water area here is some pics of the rigs i use


this is a 2 ounce katfish stalker float , the thingy above it is what we call a cheater , with a 3 ounce sinker below the float , this float sticks about 2 inchs out of the water, the reason i make them (lowriders) is cause the fish doesnt have to work as hard to pull the float under and will usually hold on to the bait longer, the little yellow thingy taped to the float is a glow stick you can buy from just about any store, i like the 4 inch slims the you can get from any dollar tree store , this glow stick lights up after you break em and will usually stay lit up for up to 12 hours, when yer fishing at night the glow stick lets you know when you get a bite, the glow stick dissapears and ya better set the hook


below the float i use a barrel swivel with a 8 to 10 inch mono leader usually with a 5/0 to 7/0 hook

next thread ill post on how to tie them