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Small buck


Senior Member
Allen County
I wonder how he'll explain shooting such a small buck, this early in the season, to all his friends. :smiley_crocodile: I'm guessing he'll hold out for a bigger one, next year.

Congradulations to him!

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


Dignitary Member
Shermans Dale, PA
I don't know the guy at all, but seriously what's the big deal if he shot it with an outfitter.

The fact that he's on a pro-staff and hired an outfitter to set him up is actually kinda small in the success story. Sure he didn't do any work scouting, hang any stands, or plant any food plots but during the rut does all the really matter?

If you think about it that buck could have been anywhere, but just happened to run by this guys stand. I could see if the property was fenced or maybe the leased 1,000 square acres (that part might actually be true though), but if not that buck could have just as easily been running past one of your stands.