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Smoker Question..


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It looks like we have a bunch of guys who are using the Scent Smoker for the first time this year. Now that you've had time to get some hunting under your belt, what do you think? Were you skeptical at first? How has it worked out for you? Have you seen the classic "Smoker Sniff" Where the down wind deer throws their nose in the air, sniffs around for a moment, then disregards it as nothing important?

How about you guys on your second or third year with the Scent Smoker. What do you think? Did we make a believer out of ya?

I love hearing these stories. Mostly because i was wrong wrong wrong about it before i bought one.. I gave Brock so much crap on OS it wasn't funny. I actually bought one to expose it as a scam. Used it once in an area i knew would put it to the test. Shot a doe out of a group of 15 that was under my stand.. Used it religiously ever since.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
My 2nd year smoking up before I hunt, I have had countless does try to wind me, throw their nose in the air and just cannot figure me out. I've had a couple busts but atleast one of them I believe I was picked off in tree.

Both deer I killed this year walked right in on the exact paths my boot prints are on. The doe was very skeptical about coming in and she put her nose on every limb/twig/tree that I brushed against on the way in.

My buck came in downwind on my boot tracks and he never even lifted his head. I was skeptical, but not as much as most.

When you hear guys like Jack/1023/Fluteman/ TheCream (on OS), and many others that in my opinion are very skilled hunters and would not use a product if it flat out didn't work, when they use it religously there was no way I could be skeptical enough to atleast not try it. Most of my hunting buddies are smoking up now and they all love it.

I'm a believer and you bet I will be clean full of hickory smoke every time I hit the woods!!


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This is my and my brothers' second year using it. I'm just amazed by it. The wind has been screwy on the farm this year and has all our fixed stands upwind of the deer paths. Every deer I've seen in three days has been downwind of me and every one of them does the same thing, sticks their nose in the air, pauses, on then goes on like nothing's amiss. I'm in a tree smelling like a hickory bonfire as I write this. Maybe I'll get lucky and reply on this thread tonight with a dead deer pic.


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This is my first year using it, the first night that I did I had 3 deer from 7 to 70 yards and never had a problem. I'm sold!

Since it's my first season, it's also still fun to do - I laugh every time saying "there's no way that this is gonna work" and then it does.


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I am a huge believer. Use it religiously along with scentfree soap. This year I have been within 15 yards multiple times (once was 7 yards and once was 4 ft) ON THE GROUND and have yet to be busted. Downwind, upwind, it doesn't matter. I really, really believe that it makes a huge difference and changes the wind game. Now mind you, I'm not saying the wind has to be disregarded completely, but this changes the game.

I may experiment later in the season after I've reached my goals to see how much of a difference it makes not using it. But for right now, I wouldn't go into the woods without having smoked up first.


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North Carolina
Been using it for close to 4 years and never been busted by winding me... Just busted by moving a little lol.... More deer down wind and never busted then ever before I'm a firm believer in it and use it every other time out...:smiley_bird: