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Snow Camo?


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I was just wondering if any of you use snow camo for the late season, especially considering that the snow came early this year!

Or do you just figure that deer see the patterns and your regular camo is good enough?
I have an all white suit that you can throw over your camo.....I used it during the late season shotgun season and laid out in a corn field between the rows and put my self close to a known feeding lot for deer when the snow hits. Sure enough deer come out and start walking down my row,..Here I am laying on my belly and they don't even see me and walk right to me ...well I adjusted myself for a shot and the lead deer a really nice buck changed course and HOW I missed him at 40 yds is beyond me. Maybe it was because I was cold or maybe it just wasn't meant t be .....well after I missed they kept coming by me and I picked out a reall nice doe and let her have it ....BANG right in the heart at 40 yds ......blood all over the white snow and she crashed right to my left about 20 yrds!!....I will be wearing it again if we get enough snow! and laying out in the field again this winter!


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Depends what kind of hunting I'm doing. If I'm hunting from the ground I'll use snow camo... from a treestand I'll just wear my regular stuff. I don't really have your typical snow camo, though. A couple years ago I bought a set of white nursing scrubs, like the biggest size they had. I just throw those overtop of my regular cold weather gear. It works pretty well and it's about as cheap as it gets.


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Massillon, Ohio
Two yrs a go I found the snow camo from The company Ghost Camo. Its the best camo I own. Very warm, waterproof, etc. I can sit on the ground in the snow and wont get cold or wet. I love it.

Ill be wearing it this weekend for sure.


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Go to Walmart and get you a XXL size of white Jersey sweats. Spray a couple black and brown lines on it.. Wala. 20 doallar snow Camo.


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NW Ohio
I am with Beentown. I bought some from Sportsman's Guide last year for under $20. Throw it on over top of my warm gear which is over top of my frogtoggs. Then I sat in the snow coyote hunting. I would like to say it worked, but I didn't have many hunts in it last season. I did not connect while wearing it. I like Capt Ernie's idea as well. That was one of my thoughts last year before I found this under $20.


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Wood Co.
I made my snow camo. I'll post it when I get home. Costs around $20.
Swedish snow cover ups from a military surplus store and a white ski mask. Then I sprayed oak bark with flat spray paint and pressed it on the fabric along with branches and stuff. Worked good. The paint smell goes away after the first washing and drying.
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Gods Country
Made my own out of an old bed sheet and some spray pain. Haven't got to try it out as I made it right at the end of last season. If the snow sticks around for this weekend it might get a try.