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So it begins, IKS!

So the story is pretty short being I have no history with this deer. Yesterday I decided to take a walk to the back 40 of my property to just check things out and I had all the inners from pumpkin carving the night before. I decided well I’m back here might as well check some cameras!!!! This dude was on every camera I had Saturday morning around 4:30am. He had scrapes about every 50 yrds for like two hundred yards. FRESH SCRAPES!!! So I bailed out of there and called that Mexican dude @giles and picked his brain about it. His words get back out there and make some noise so that’s what I did and nothing came of it!!! Well I’ll get on it in the morning he will be back!!! Woke up this morning just feeling like it was the day😁 walking back to the spot and I’m about 20yrds from the spot and I hear blowing 🤦🏼‍♂️ Immediately think well this is blowed out so I stand still for about 10 min and get to the spot, texting @giles telling him what’s going on and I catch movement behind some honeysuckle down by the feeder and see horn 😳😳!!! Here we go. It’s go time. He walked behind the feeder turned around came toward me about 10 yards and turned broad side 🎯 thwack goes the cross bow 48yrds. He drops does a 360 spin drags his self away. At this point I’m shaking so bad and leaking from my face with happiness and I’m on the phone with Giles barely able to talk and he already knows BBD BUB, he went a whole 5 yards from the shot. I couldn’t have been more happy to round the corner and see this boy laying there.Biggest deer I’ve ever shot on my property and the first time I’ve set at my home this year. It was meant to be. I appreciate you fellas every last one of ya 🤘🏽🤘🏽