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So what am I missing?


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Shermans Dale, PA
I saw a few postings on os.com about some serious rut activity going on.

Well this would have been the weekend I would have been home deer hunting. I'm just curious as to what I'm missing.

Dang this sucks.
The rut has been up and down, much like the weather/temperatures. This is frustrating to both the hunters and the hunted. This past week has held some cold night time temps, but the day time stuff has been well into the 50s.

It can vary according to where you're located in the state too. I'm sure there's 20 to 40 degrees of temperature difference from where I'm located to the southern counties. Even so, it's not been a typical fall, as far as the temps dropping and staying low, no fall rains, no high wind days that last for a week, etc. Granted it's hard to complain about good weather, but it don't do much for the hunting.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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Not sure what those OS.com guys are seeing, but all I've witnessed so far are a bunch of 1.5 yr olds running around like idiots... searching for hot does that aren't there. I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical of Charlie Oldtimer's rut prediction for this year, but now I'm startting to think he was right. We'll see what happens after this full moon. I'm guessing the next couple weeks are going to be amazing.


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I have seen some big ones, but only in between bedding down with hot does. Most what I have seen from the stand are young bucks chasing young does. The big boys were locked down over the weekend.