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Some news about Kentuckys Wildlife Management to be put under the AG dept.


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Unfortunately, farmers prefer habitat destruction and profit over sound ecology and conservation, and those two things seldom work together. This would be horrific for hunters, conservationists, and wildlife populations in Kentucky. Won't surprise me if more states try this sort of thing, especially this one.


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North Carolina
Wonder if this is just a way to control two different entities with one set of rules. The more the tree huggers get a foothold into policy making, the easier it would be to affect the hunting of their beloved animals?
Or it could just something as easy as greed…
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@Jackalope have you seen this one?

No but prepare for it to be pushed in Ohio also. I've said it for a long time, the ohio farm and insurance lobby are the biggest threat that Ohio hunters have ever faced, bigger than PETA and all the other anti hunter groups combined.

They're also trying to strip the board in KY so they can get their own people in.

"SB 3 would also strip the power of the governor to appoint commissioners to the nine-member Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission, a volunteer board of hunters and anglers who oversee the department and tens of millions of dollars of revenue received from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses."


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Grove City
KY needs to get rid of their worthless governor first. Then they can worry about who oversees the KDFWR. I have to say it makes very little sense to me that a state level agency for wildlife resources be managed by tourism. Tourists and their advocates in government should have very little say in how a state's wildlife resources are governed.
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Mahoning Co.
Reading the article it currently under the director of tourism, which is an appointed (by the governor) position. The ag commissioner is a statewide elected position. I see both being problematic.

Ohio having wildlife under Natural Resources makes more sense. I’m not sure about the idea having head of ODNR being elected, I’d have to think about that.
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