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Son of a...


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SE Ohio
Damn fellas. This camera was only out for two weeks. There was another that flew through the 25th at 11PM, but the pic sucked because he was running and ended up right behind the tree. You can just see the blur of a tail, but it was a yote for sure...


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North Central Ohio
Looks like you have a little bit of a problem but on the other hand looks like some fun getting rid of a few after deer season :D. I can come down in February as well.


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
Sometimes when I say stuff, I think people think: "Yeah right". I got that impression when I posted on OS about having a few thousand acres to hunt coyotes and having more coyotes than we can get to. I'm pretty sure I'm not bullshitting...


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We seen another yote out behind the house. That's two in less than a month during mid day. That may not sound like a lot to some of you, but for this area it's too many. Hard to say how many we are not seeing that are here.

I'm going to get some snares hung this week for them. I think I can keep them high enough to avoid the coons. I have a few dandy spots that I better not set because of the deer. I know the yotes are using the trails, but I don't feel like catching deer. Yes I do have deer stops, and relaxing locks, but that is not foolproof.


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If it fell in early Jan I'd love to make it down to the big woods and push a few with ya'll.

The coyotes have been bad. It's not uncommon for guys to push a woods and kick out a dozen. I had one run through at 15 yards on Saturday when I was out (damn thing was too fast to shoot it, it was just as the woods were getting light and I thought it was a fawn at first). That made three for that property in as many times out there. We hear them behind the house every night.

The amish around here get together several saturdays after the first of the year and shoot many. I'd say we'd make for a better looking group than this!