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Sous vide venison shanks


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2 venison shanks cut joint to joint, sous vide for 48 hrs at 144°. Refrigerated for two days (dinner plans changed). Took a can of beef consume, and a can of French onion soup. Took the gelatinous liquid that had cooked out and put it on with the liquid. Cut the meat off the shanks and roughly chopped it and put it in the liquid. Heated it up to a simmer and seasoned it to my liking. Made a roux and added it in and then stirred to thicken. Poured over cooked noodles.

It was delicious, all the connective tissue and silverskin had broken down and was fork tender.

When i pulled them out of the water i could have shredded the meat easily. You could use that over the noodles or put it in different flavors of sauce for different dishes like adobo or carnitss for tacos.