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Spot shooting?

Hey Ric, one other thing about that Stan hinge release...
I shot a whole lot worse Monday evening than I have been shooting at the house... Par for the course. I used the Stan at the shoot, having never had an issue with early release. I wound up being shoved into the last spot on the line, smacked up against the wall, poor lighting, and a 4x6 in my back. I didn't want to be a whiner or make excuse before I launched my first arrow, so I ran with it. I could not fully get into my comfortable shooting position and engage my back muscles. I had one get away from me and yelled some kind of obscenity when it went off.... lol Scared the crap out of me and I had no idea where the arrow landed. I didn't even think it hit the 4x4 backstop! I was pleasantly surprised that the arrow did find my 4x4, and even hit one of the target faces in the 8 ring...lol Pure luck that I didn't kill someone.


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SW Ohio
Lots of great archery instructional books out there nowadays and this I’m sure is one of em. The author of the book I read said basically the same thing which is described in the paragraph here.

The author in the book I read used riding a bike for the first time vs years of doing it to where it’s second nature.

brock ratcliff

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First outdoor 3D shoot of the year tomorrow!
Mason now has a long bar and back bar on his bow, as do I. I've added an Axcel site with a 6x lens to my set up too. I've got to get Mason a lens from r his site or buy him a new one so he won't steal mine. I think I've finally mastered the Stan hinge so we are ready. Really looking forward to shooting tomorrow.
I've always said it's the Indian not the bow, but some of the cool add ins have made good shooting a lot easier!