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Squirrel Hunting Newbie


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Whelp, I'm planning on going for the first time this Saturday. I plan on taking my oldest son, A.J., with me. I'll be scouting some public land that I have some private land access to.

I was speaking with Jackalope earlier today and he gave me some tips. I'm hoping he'll repeat them here, and I'm looking for tips from others. Please share the knowledge...I can't take my kid and not get at least a shot at one or he'll stop thinking I'm soooo cooool! :smiley_baseball:


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UglyKat has written up a few of his tips, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone that has shot more tree rats than him!


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SE Ohio
This time of year, I use a rifle in the AM and a shotgun in the PM. Reason being, I sit in the morning and still hunt in the afternoon. Most squirrel activity in my area is hottest when scope light is perfect in the mornings, but late enough to hinder a scope late in the afternoon. Once the leaves come off, I'm all rifle.

I typically like to sit on a hillside with oak trees. I like to get in open areas, near a ridge crest and sit so I can watch the hill and the ridge. I've had great luck at one spot along a ravine where I can sit on the edge of the ridge and cover an oak flat, then the hillside which is loaded with hickory and several known nesting trees. It's almost a 100% chance you'll kill squirrels there. White oaks have always been the best trees for me for deer and squirrels. When I still hunt, I move at a turtles pace and use my ears and eyes to tell me where to go...


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Norton, OH
I just walk through the woods and listen for stuff hitting the leaves. Works for me. I have gone the quiet sit route too. Field dressing is a pita though. Damn things have near impossible skin to rip.


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Nope, nothing yet. I took AJ and Drew out to move a cam and took the gun with us. We never saw one. :( The boys couldn't keep quite though, they were tickled to be in the woods. Haven't been out since...


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Crawford county
seems I have the best luck going to an area where there are nut trees and just sit and be quiet. It may take a little while but sooner or later they will think the coast is clear and get brave.

Heres a tip for ya. In the fall when leaves are on the ground, you can just listen for the big fox squirrels digging through the leaves on the ground. Leave em be for a few minutes until there are several of them rummaging around. After you shoot one, be still and the others will continue with what they were doing. You might be able to get three or four before they wise up and go hide again. During this time, the grey squirrels usually stick to the trees, but thats o.k. because the fox squirrels are bigger anyway.


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I usually sit in a tree stand. I see all kinds of squirrels and no deer when I am deer hunting.:smile:


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Not much beech left around here. They are hammering the oaks and hickories.

As mentioned above, after you shoot one, stay still and you will most likely get another shot soon. Fox squirrels seem to have short term memories.