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Start of 2017!


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All the bucks on my trail camera photos have both antlers still as well. But a week and a half ago I seen a small buck run across the highway with only one antler so I figured it was time to search areas I could without pushing the big bucks out.


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SW Ohio
I disagree Rick... I tell ya what. I will gladly trade you all of my dinks for all your 60" and bigger sheds? rotflmao

Congrats on your first of the year ffhaywood!
Congrats on your first of the year. I did my very first quick walk of a few fields yesterday that took less than 30 min. Still way TOO early in my area but with so much more competition out there these days you're pressured into starting earlier for fear someone getting the jump on you. Last year I followed many older tracks and that will knock the wind out of your sails! Lol