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Story from the field

October entry

I was sitting in a new stand we just hung as a observation stand on a big creek.Injad permissions to hunt this for awhile but never have. I decided to hang a stand and see what i saw made a mock scrape a week ago and waited.

I told myself if I saw a decent doe I would take her so I could buck hunt the rest of the year. I saw a decent 8 pointer about 200 yards out. Then about 20 min later I caught movement out if the corner if my eye and it went behind a tree. I stood up and drew back as he wasnt far about 20 yards but behind a tree. I didnt have a lane cleared in that direction but there was a opening. He approached fast and I thought it was a decent doe. I took a shot and the rest was history.

I was surprised when I walked up on 2 little nubs. The ol rage done its job and he only went about 20 yards I double lunged him. I am always proud if my deer but this one thought me a valuable lesson plan to have lanes in places you dont plan on deer coming from. That may have given me a little more time to see the spikes and let the little guy walk. He will still taste as good as any tho!