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Stressless "Why do both Picture and Video captures ?" -> 153" Droptine harvest ... and more!

Keene, OH
I'll post up my most interesting and "quality" pics and vids from the farm past and present (only if they are worthy). Like this and you'll get notified as I get to them.

Doing a combo on your trailcams smokes batteries quicker - but as this little gem of a capture below indicates, it is worth it - if you plan right and are very lucky!!
153" droptine harvest off a trailcam, from the farm 2016 - Best and only Droptine buck taken. Only have pics of one other and was a beaut - double droptine same year.

Enjoy the great capture - and yes you can see the arrow in flight. This Trailcam maker, USATRAILCAMS, made a great product but it didn't hold up and they went under. Some of my best captures were with these cams. I'm now a huge Browning Dark Ops fan. Great Videos!



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Damn, how high up in the tree are you from the field? Looked like a crazy steep angle and almost impossible if something walks the edge close to you.
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Keene, OH
Letting a beaver do the work of "early successional habitat" .. but he's gnawing on my oak poles so prolly goona smoke him in late Jan. Hung a trail camera on it this spring and again late winter. Such a great highway/chokepoint! I call this area Beaver Bottom.

Perspective for the beaver dam, 6'-7' deep, 145' long, .6 acres - bass and bluegill with lots of Woodies. They created a $20,000 pond for free.


Blue Heron - "walks like an Egyptian ... lol"

Woodies of Beaver Bottom shaking a tail feather.