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Sum Beach!


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I went out to the taxidermist today to see how my buck was shaping up. Hanging right next to it, ironically, was a drop tine buck that I had on camera once. I wondered what happened to him. The guy who shot it lives over the hill from the property I hunt. It's kinda sad because everyday we'd go hunting Kody would ask, "you think we will see that drop tine today?".
The date on the taxi tag was November 5.

Here's mine so far...



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NW Ohio
This is what I have found about going to the taxidermist as well. I am having my second deer done right now. I asked him how it was going and if there were any big boys falling. He took me to the back room and there were some h-o-g-s in there! Made me have buck envy! I shot a pretty good buck this year, but I felt inadequate after seeing what he had waiting. He is a bit expensive compared to some places. Maybe the small bucks are all at the "cheap" taxidermist's shops and my guy just sees the big bone? I dunno, but it depressed me. lol


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Central Ohio
Some nice bucks in those pics.

You could take those trail cam pics over to the guy that killed the drop tine buck. Who knows, he might have some pics of your buck.