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Sump Pumps

I have run out of ideas of things to use as sump pump liners in our crawl space. All the commercially available liners are too large in diameter to fit through my 13 inch high crawl space access. A five gallon bucket us too narrow for the sump pump to fit inside and the float rests on the side of the bucket making the pump run constantly. I tried using pool liner but the hole collapsed. My last idea was to use a 20 gallon trash can but after the dirt setted it crushed the trash can. I am out of ideas and getting fed up with this. If you can think of anything that might work let me know. I was trying to avoid using anything metal because i think it will rust out in a couple years.

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NW Ohio
How about cutting the height of the commercial ones down? Pour some quikcrete in the bottom. Maybe even around the edges if needed
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Davie County, NC
Tom, would a 20 gallon galvanized trash can hold up any better than the plastic one?
How about a well casing or galvanized pipe like they’d run under a road or drive way? Maybe hit up CE too see if they have any scrap?
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Polylok.com - Endless types and sizes of plastic risers, basins, and distribution boxes. Surely something here would fit your needed dimensions. And they should be rigid enough to prevent collapse. They also have every seal and boot you can imagine.
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Here next to the coast we have pressurized sewer system due to the water table and lack of elevation. The houses main sewer line runs to a fiberglass catch basin where a grinder pump on a float switch macerates waste and shoots it down the line under pressure to the utility sewer line. Maybe they make smaller basins that would work for you. Or maybe you can cut one in half. I had a clog in the main this evening as well as needed to do some maintenance to prevent grease buildup.

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