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Swappers Day in Johnstown

Did you/are you going to Swappers Day in Johnstown?

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Sunbury, OH
It was last weekend.

I went to the Max's which used to be the Kenton Dog Trials and Flea market/swappers etc... It was crazy how much the vendors were asking for 90% of the merchandice. I took a wad of cash in anticipation of filling the truck. Pfft... I looked over at least 5,000 guns. I made an offer on only one. Didn't take it home. All prices were above retail new on used pieces.

The best example was a guy was selling mags. He had two springer mags that new from Springer are $22 and he had them marked at $30 a piece used. I asked if he had any mags for my 1941 High Standard Model HB..."got one in the truck I think" I look at him with anticipation on the price..."that'll be at least $80. :smiley_crocodile:After that I started bustig chops.

Old B*stards...paid the table fee to take advantage of good drunk folk:smiley_adfundum: