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Switching it up tomorrow


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Southeast Ohio
Instead of heading straight for the woods when I get off work in the morning, I'm gonna sleep for a bit and head out around noon. I've been watching the live cams and it seems like there's a good bit of buck activity in the early afternoon. Kate is going out with me, so I'm hoping we can get her a shot at her first deer. We will see how it goes.

Good luck to those headed out tomorrow!


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North Central Ohio
Sounds like a good plan there buddy. The warmer temps seem to have them up on there feet middle of the day looking for a drink now that they have the very warm winter coats now. Good luck to you both tomorrow. Give um hell Kate !!!


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Hell yeah! Just don't forget the sunscreen.
Good luck!

I'm switching tactics as well. Going to try a field edge this evening. The last two nights we hunted in the woods, we came out to the field to have doe and bucks out running around by our truck. Time to try setting up on the edge. Now they'll be in the woods! Lol