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Take the good with the bad!!!

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
Well my sunday morning hunt turned sour pretty quick....My alarm didn't go off at 5am but I woke up at 6 so I rushed around didn't have a chance to shower or smoke up got to my hunting ground and realized I lost my cell phone!! Change quick and hurry back to the woods, get there and stubble around the woods trying to find my stand. First time hunting it and no flash light!! I get up in my stand and realize didn't have my grunt tube so with out the tube and phone I felt naked!! (funny how attached to technology we are now! or atleast me)So I am sitting there pissed off and kicking myself for this diaster I called a hunt and around 8 am I hear movement thinking it has to be one of the ten thousand tree rats running around my stand but nope a doe and heading my way!! I get up get prepared.....another doe comes in working their way to me than take a 90 degree turn away from me and 4 more does come in a line pass me at 70 yds....needless to say that made my day!! (That is the first time in about 6 trips that I have seen a deer even close to my stand)...The does worked around infront of me but never getting closer than 60-70 yrds around 10 they work away from me and I wait till they are out of sight and scan the woods to make sure nothing is sneaking in or coming in before I get down. I mean I scanned for 15 mins, glassing and using the naked eye!...I start walking out and make my way back across the field not seeing anything as I tip toed out of the woods. I hurry back to my car hoping to find my phone! Nothing So I thought well maybe I left it on my car hood and it fell off in the drive! I get home and nadda so than I am like crap.......I come in the door and wife says she tried to text me and tell me that I could of stayed out longer !! I say oh well...and than she says where is your phone and I am searching and looking and she finally starts giving me crap after I look for 15mins and says I left it on her car hood and after a stop at the grocery, church and video store she saw it on the trunk hood !! I get it back after a verbal lashing, and see a text from the other guy asking if I was hunting because he just saw a big one!!! ....I text back when and where....well about 100yds behind me feeding in the L of the woods the big boy was having breakfest and at the same time I tip toed out (10:30) he looked towards me and hurried off into the woods!!!! I about threw up because I think it would of been a matter of time before with out spooking him that he worked his way towards me and the bedding area! Had I not left my phone at home I would of got his text and my wifes telling me to stay out and not hurry home I might of been posting pics of biggin.....SO I pace around the house and my wife is like go back out ....So I showered and smoked all my clothes and hurry back out before the other guy gets there.....I sit in a new stand that the does passed right under earlier....and tree rats by the thousands come out and start yelling at me all night ....needless to say I didn't see a dang thing,...I asked the guy last night if he saw anything and he said 25 across the road with three huge bucks in it!!Oh and last night I listened to about every person within 20 miles sighting in their guns....I hope with my new woods being a bow only woods and far off the roads all the biggins start haning out there after the first shots.....all and all it was a very frustrating day but a very good day!! I finally had deer with in sight of my stand which made my day but I still am sick about the biggin.....oh well....The joy of hunting!


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Dang Ryan! Best of luck! Bow only woods? I think this will end up being a blessing in the end for you. Good luck!