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taken in 2011


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This is the four birds me and a friend got last spring.


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The smallest bird out of the four had a 10in b. The biggest was 11in b 22lbs 1 3/8 spurs. This was the best season I have ever seen. There was birds everywhere and they all came in on a string. The first two we got the first one we called in first thing in the morning. I told my buddy to take it I heard the hammer and nothing the shell was junk. The bird started getting the hell out of dodge so I shoot. We was checking him out and bsing and heard another one way out. It was like 400 yards out. We sat back down in the same spot. Called to him and he ran all the way across the field. My buddy took him out. It was the best hunt ever and it was his first bird. I hope deer season goes the same lol.