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TCBA Catfish Tournament Results for April 16, 2011


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TCBA Catfish Tournament Results for April 16, 2011

We had rough weather conditions again tonight with heavy winds and a almost steady rain falling through out the tournament !! We had 12 anglers come out and fish with 6 anglers weighing in fish !!! We ended up fishing Tappan Lake again because of flooding on the Tuscarawas River !!!

Zach Leach-----5 fish-----30 lbs 2 oz
Tyler Moore-----4 fish-----21 lbs 8 oz
Jeff Huff-----5 fish-----19 lbs 4 oz
Brian Huff-----5 fish-----15 lbs 2 oz
Floyd Rennicker-----2 fish-----9 lbs 6 oz
Don Huff-----2 fish-----6 lbs 3 oz

6 anglers turned in no fish

Dwain Hall
Joe Brown
Jamie Gutscher
KC Knight
Jeffery Huff
Ashley Huff

Magic Bait Big Fish

Tyler Moore-----9 lbs 7 oz-----Channel Cat
Zach Leach-----9 lbs 2 oz-----Channel Cat
Brian Huff-----7 lbs 1 oz-----Channel Cat

There was no odd fish turned in !!

Rippin Lips Catfish Baits 1rst Place Winner Zach Leach

North East Outdoors 2nd Place & Magic Bait Big Fish Winner Tyler Moore