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TCBA Catfish Tournament Results for April 30th


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TCBA Catfish Tournament Results for April 30th

We had decent weather for the first time this year but ended up fishing Tappan Lake because the Tuscarawas River was too high !! We had 11 anglers fish and had 9 anglers turn in fish !! The size was down compared to the last tournament but at least they were biting !! :D

Brian Huff-----5 fish-----13 lbs 12 oz
KC Knight-----5 fish-----11 lbs 13 oz
Don Huff-----4 fish-----10 lbs 7 oz
Floyd Rennicker-----2 fish-----9 lbs 10 oz
Tyler Moore-----1 fish-----9 lbs 0 oz
Zach Leach-----1 fish-----3 lbs 10 oz
Joe Brown-----1 fish-----2 lbs 5 oz
Yvonne Huff-----1 fish-----2 lbs 3 oz
Jeff Huff-----1 fish-----2 lbs 1 oz

2 anglers turned in no fish

Jamie Gutscher
Dwain Hall

Magic Bait Big Fish

Tyler Moore-----9 lbs 0 oz-----Channel Cat
Floyd Rennicker-----6 lbs 4 oz-----Channel Cat

There was no Odd Fish turned In

North East Outdoors 1rst Place Winner Brian Huff

Rippin Lips Catfish Bait 2nd Place Winner KC Knight

4th Place Floyd Rennicker

Magic Bait Big Fish Winner Tyler Moore