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Team 4


Senior Member
Kingston, OH
Well I got a bird this morning. Time for the story.

The property that borders my parents has just been logged this winter and that property is traditionally where birds roost. I was really unsure about what to except. My brother and I took his 7 year old out Saturday and worked a couple to no avail. Little league and tee ball had us outta the woods by 0830. I got some decent recon however during that hunt. Sunday found me scouting another property with not much success.

Opening morning I was back down at Moms early. I got set up on a saddle where we had heard a bird gobble Saturday. It was fairly windy and I didn’t hear any gobbles close at all. I was pretty content there and had my schedule clear so I was gonna hang till noon if I had to. I made a few calls here and there with no response.

Around 0730 Im resting with my eyes shut and hear a gobble over to my left and up on the logged property about 200 yards away. I got spun around and watched for a few minutes. Finally I could see a tom strutting in the sunlight. He worked his way down the new logging road with 3 other gobblers in tow. He/they wouldnt commit this time and they walked/gobbled there way back where they came from.

Once they got outta sight i scrambled down the hill about 80 yards or so and did some soft calling. Immediate gobbles. Those three subordinates came right back down the logging road. Some light leaf scratching and soft clucks they were outta strut and coming thru the thick brush towards me. I knew then it was over for one of em. What a great feeling that last 10 seconds or so when you know its gonna happen. I let that sucker come in to 25 yards or so and he never did know what happened. Bad part is after the shot his buddy jumped on him and beat him some more. Hell I coulda shot all three as long as they stood around flogging the dead one. Walked over to him and thanked the lord and then sent some texts to friends and family. What a great day to spend in the woods. Thanks for reading!