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Team # 6


Coshocton, OH
Good work Chad!! Congrats to your son.

I finally started hitting it hard starting this past Thursday night. So far Ive seen 13 different bucks since Thursday. One shooter that I would guess to be in the 150s. Unfortunatley he was on the opposite creek bank. Back at it in the morning till church (im going late) then all afternoon. Good luck fellas. Its heating up!


Senior Member
Athens County
I already got my buck tagged filled but am going to hunt hard a couple days this week just to sit back and enjoy.

Ill have the recurve in hand so if a doe gives me a chip shot i'll give it a shot.

Really just want to see some action up close and personal
Well my 13 year old daughter and I got it done up here in Michigan last night! She had a nice 1-1 pointer (spike mischeif.gif ) come in and at 60 yards she took care of him with the muzzleloader!! A short while later we had a big doe come in so daddy asked his daughter if he could switch seats. Soon the 12 gauge did it's job and we were successful on our first double!!! Man it simply does not get any better than that!! Pics to follow!!!


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NW Ohio Tundra
I just read thru the contest rules and it says i have to enter my Indiana buck as my contest entry because it is the first one taken by date/time...i haven't killed an Ohio buck yet, but was planning on it.....i wonder why it matters which buck you enter for the contest, I was hoping to hold out for something big in Ohio.