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just wanted to say thanks to everyone. there is alot of down to earth people, and alot of hunters on here that have alot of knowledge that have helped me out. looking forward to hearing some awesome huntin stories and seein lots of pics of some nice deer. so once again thanks to everyone on here for all the info and help and for judt bein all round good people.


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North Carolina
You're welcome.... That's what a forums supposed too be...... TOO bad we're the only ones who come close too doing it rotflmao


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NW Ohio
Best thing I can tell you is to pay attention to the names of those offering the best advice. The reality is, this site IS going to keep growing. Eventually there will be some douche bags on here and you will just have to watch out when it comes to their advice. Trust me on this one though: The core group of guys on here will do everything in our power to keep the douche bags in check.

We are glad to have you swampdonkey! Tell all your buddies about the site too!


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North Central Ohio
I'm glad you like it here and have found this site to be helpful and full of a bunch of great people and info. It's all very true by the way :D.

I have to say " This is the BEST outdoor forum you could ask for "

It is big enough to have all the answers you could want yet small enough to get to know and have fun with the members here. Like Hicks said, The core guys that post on here have been around for some time now and know their stuff. They aren't going anywhere. Others will start trickling in and I'm sure we will get some bonehead posters and they will be shown the door or they will leave on their own.

Hang around and you will understand why this site is in a category all it's own. " We kill things here, That's just what we do and members here do it very well "


Staff member
We're happy that you joined our brotherhood here at TOO. I'm a bit partial, but you won't find a better group of guys to hang around IMO. I've been on forums for going on 8 years now and at one time I was participating in 7-8 forums daily. This is the only one I fool with these days. I want to feel at home when I'm sharing material with others and this is home for me. I got so fed up with other forums, I just had to start one! LOL!!! :smiley_clap: