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The boys are in town ......


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Things are on a roll ! Quite a few different bucks are all over the place. I almost forgot about this cam that overlooks a mineral sight across from my 2nd pop up which is just 6 ft left of that power pole. These guys have been coming in each night the last few days. I have one of my cell cams overlooking my neighbor's yard which would have caught these coming here, but it used up it's monthly allotment of pics a week back. The monthly subscription starts again tomorrow. I'm hoping it'll still send the pics like Spypoint does. That drooping line is tv cable brought down by a tree.


And Mr Splitbrow

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Looks like the same deer to me. Chootem!
Fuck. As much as I hate to admit it, you're right. I just found another pic of him & yep. I don't have any good head on pics of him & each one I do have makes him look a bit diff. I wish I could get a good daylight pic of him, but it ain't happening anytime soon.
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