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The Doctor Visit.


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Lady heads to the doctor to get her checkup. She is sort of nervous because admittedly she hasn't been in a few years. The nurse comes in and gives her a gown and says just lay on the table there and the doc will be in shortly..

The Doc comes in and introduces himself and they talk for a couple minutes. He then says ok, now we'll do your pelvic exam. Please lay back and put your feet in the stirrups. As she does the doctor lifts her gown and states loudly, MY WORD! What's wrong Doc. Is it bad? she says... The doc replies ,Oh no.. It's just I've never seen such a hole in a crotch... Somewhat embarrassed she asks.. Is there anything i can do Doc? Yes. There are some exercises that can be done... And he goes on to explain them...

That evening at home she gets ready to do her exercises. She gets undressed and takes a mirror down off the wall.. She lays it flat on the floor standing above straddling it.. As she's looking down into the mirror, her husband walks in the room... What are you doing he says.... We'll..... I'm getting ready to do my exercises she stated. He looks at her quizzically and shakes his head.... We'll that looks dangerous.. Oh No, I'll be careful she says... OK he said.. Just don't fall in that hole.