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The Drunk Tank


Supporting Member
Southwest Ohio
The wife and I took The Drunk Tank out for her first trip this weekend. Left work around 10, got the camper loaded up and headed to Caesers Creek. Its only about an hour from the house.


Got set up, and started the weekend.
2019-04-08 (3).jpg

The wife and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on Saturday. Even got a dance to one of our songs
2019-04-08 (2).jpg

Consumed quite a bit of beer, but Im not the only one who did some drinking.
2019-04-08 (4).jpg

2019-04-08 (5).jpg

2019-04-08 (6).jpg

2019-04-08 (7).jpg

Not one complaint about the weekend. We are looking forward to many more trips. Wishing I would have done this years ago.