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The fog screwed me this AM

Lets try this again , earlyer Itryed to post this but my conection failed just as I went to post it

I thought I had 1 for the 2 big bucks figured out
I had been seeing it crossing a feild on the way to my woods every morning the last few days when I left for work

And with the E NE wind , I could hunt from a tree , that normaly I couldn't due to the wind direction

So left a few min early to walk the few hundred yds to the woods
As I walked in , I soaked a scent pad and drug it in
I walked down a lane I keep mowed , to allow me to haul out wood and a easy path for the deer

When I got the climber up to the right height , I noticed the fog had gotten a little thicker .....but not bad

At first light I passed on 2 does as they walked past my stand , not 10 yds away
But I notice the fog is getting thicker

About 8 AM I here a buck grunting on the far side of the woods
As I expected , it takes one of the small side trails that cross the woods
But most cross my lane close to my stand

I can follow the buck as it works it's way tward me
But now the fog has realy gotten thick

Almost exactly as I had hoped
The ......a buck emerges from the thick cover right where I had hung the scent drag 20 yds from my stand
The fog is now so thick , I can only be sure it is a buck
As I can barely make out a rack , but that is it

As I draw I am debating if I can see well enough and is this a shooter
Or just a smaller buck

Well in less than 20 seconds the fog has completely blocked my shot
I can now only see a blob that I know is a deer

I decide to hold off and hope it sticks around
Well no luck
After a few more seconds I can here it grunting as it works it's way around the thick bedding areas

I am not happy , but hopeing another buck will come through

As I set in the stand , the fog is condense ing the branchs and it is running down the tree trunk and dripping on me

I sat there till almost 11 , but only a yearling came through

BTW by 8:45 the sun had come out
By 9 the fog had almost completely burned off

I guess , depending on the wind direction in the AM
I might try that tree again



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North Central Ohio
That sucks. Good call on hold off though. You just never know what could have happened. With my luck it would have been a big body 4pt. lol.

Not sure about the wind direction tomorrow but I wish you the best of Luck.
Well the buck I was hopeing for never showed up this AM , a skinny tined 8 point did though
But I stuck a nice doe

25 yd blood trail , fell in sight

Just have to finish cutting her up



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nice work, that buck'll show up next time;)

hahahahaha just thought of something...
You got fogged up
Mudder naychur fogged you over
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