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The heat!


Junior Member
Maumee, OH
It was 91 degrees in Toledo yesterday, it is going to be 89 degrees Thursday, with rain on Friday. Calling for more rain this weekend, and high 70's. I can't imagine how hot it is going to be where a lot of you guys are at in southern Ohio. I don't think I want to harvest a deer this weekend, unless it is a monster wall hanger.

DJK Frank 16

Senior Member
Supporting Member
Hardin County
I'm just an hour or so south of you, saying 69/48 and 70/49 on Sat and Sun this weekend. Hopefully that doesn't change, but yes if it is high 70's I will think twice about dropping the string unless it is a slam dunk shot and I can get it butchered within the first few hours.


Senior Member
Supporting Member
Southeast Ohio
The cold front should make for a good Saturday morning hunt. I'm suprised as warm as it's been the past few days, the deer have been coming out pretty early. The last three evenings, I've had deer out and feeding in the field behind the house between 5:30 and 6:00.