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The Official Camper and Camping Thread


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Back in the saddle again. Hope the Chevy can pull it lol.


I didn't miss the opportunity to sieze the moment after being stimulated by Grandpa Joe and the wife saying she would like to get back in a camper sooner than later. I could see the look in her eyes as we scheduled a trip this summer and the discussion started on which site type, given we would be in a tent.

Hideout 176BH - little single axle with a bed, A/C, shitter and a shower😄

The misses and I had a couple of campers back in the day. The first was a Hi/Lo circa 1968 that we bought for $500 in about 1989. Pulled it with a Chevy Blazer 305 carb... By the time my wife had unloaded the entire house into the camper for a weekend trip and I hooked it all up to the Blazer, I thought we would never get there. My father's words came back to me when I bought that truck, "This thing doesn't have enough power to pull a sick whore out of bed..." But I was single when I bought it in 86 so what did I know? Did some painting and repair to that Hi/Lo and sold it for a grand in about 92. Our next camper was an 86 Coachman Custom that an old couple basically gave us for $2,500. By then my wife had a bigger house and bigger camper so load in went even more stuff then before!! Forget that. Got a permanent camp sight near Chautauqua Lake and stayed there till the main building burned to the ground and we were expecting our 2nd child, so we sold it for about 5 grand and never looked back. She much prefers camping now at a Hilton Garden Inn, preferably on the beach! I prefer my own bed at home...
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