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The Sanctuary TOO


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Anyone know anything about this high fence Pakastalia, Ohio trophy outfitter (The Sanctuary Too) ? They aren't operating at the moment, but rumor has it that they are getting back into the business. I heard that their best breeder buck was sniped recently (a 240" double drop).

Just curious if anyone had any info.


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Shermans Dale, PA
A few years back there was a new high dollar operation outside of Pataskala. Their advertisement had some really hot chicks on it. I can't remember the name, but I wonder if they folded and are now under new management.


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Central Ohio
Yup... that was them. Ohio Monster Bucks.

I remember looking at the website a few years back and looking at the prices..... Yowzaaaa!!!!

Even if I did have $25k to throw down on a hunt, I wouldn't be doing it in a high fence, or for whitetail deer for that matter. I'd be on my way to do something like the North American Slam or something. The prices out there to shoot a penned up deer are crazy.
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we have a operation ride outside of hopedale that does high fence whitetail and elk , i would rather sink my money into a fishing boat that i can use time after time , instead of paying to shoot a whitetail behind a fence , now exotics thats a different story , i do a few exotic high fence hunts a year in pa


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North Carolina
But 25K too some people is like a couple of hundred too us.... Wouldn't think about dropping a hundred or two on feeders, shooting accessories or hunting clothes or boots... People with lots of money out there would deop 25K in a heart beat too score something big that they don't have the time or patience too do...
true but white tails behind a fence isnt for me , i have nothng against it , and would love to have my own place , there is a elk farm out side of hopedale for sale for 5 million that i would love to have , 1000 acres all fenced in with a huge house


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Sounds good OH mossy oak. I know there has been some schenanegans surounding the operation recently. I met the guy who took over the 'care taker' responsibilities after the fall-out. Seems they've had some poaching going on and people trespassing.


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Back in 2005, I worked for Ohio Monster Bucks (The Sanctuary TOO). I worked a part time grounds keeper for a couple of months when the full time personel were moving to PA I believe. The owner told me to take 2 weeks off and give him call after that to schedule my hours. When I called him, he told me I no longer have a job! I asked why and he stated the new grounds keeper was moving in...which at the time I was in no position to move on the property or become a full time grounds keeper (I WAS BACK DOORED). Far as I concerned there were many problems when I was there. The deer seemed to be constantly dropping dead for an unknown reason (there were no external wounds) which lead us to believe either poisoning or diseases. My brother in laws family lived next to this property and was very worried about what was going on as they had children and smaller animals. They got what was coming to them. The prices were outragous and there were not too many people paying to hunt from what I seen.