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The View: TOO Style...


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We are all getting to see some cool sights and landscapes from our stands right now. One of the things I want to make sure I do a better job at this year is taking some pics from the stand. I started last night with the tree frog I encountered and I took some pics of my view from that stand as well. Here is what I was looking at last night...

This is the intersection of the logging roads that run N/S and E/W. (I'm looking due south here...) I have hunted from this general location before and it's always been a great spot due to topography. There are two ravines that meet this saddle about 50 yards in front of my stand, both running E/W. There are logging roads out the shelves on either side of those ravines, as well as the main trails that run the ridge tops. There is a bean field south of me, along with thick bedding, oaks, and a pasture field.

This is the view looking towards my stand on out Hippie Ridge. I am about 250 yards east of where I have been getting all the pics of Moe. I mowed down a path through the thicket to get in from the N. (I'm looking due W in this picture...) The does I saw last night came from my 2 o'clock in this picture and walked right down the road underneath my stand. They left my sanctuary which is 100 yards out in that same direction. If you run all the way out Hippie Ridge, it also turns into bedding area about 350 yards this stand...

This is the view looking due E out of the stand. At the 9 o'clock in this picture is an annual scrape location that I just opened up. At the 3 o'clock position, is the logging road that runs out the ridge towards the bedding area. There are two oaks dropping acorns out this ridge, so it'll be the place to see deer for a while...

The next time you grab a seat with a great view, be sure to share it with us!!!


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Great views dude!

Here's a pic I took from my cell phone during opening weekend. This stand is sitting in the tip of a finger that ends into this brassica/oats/clover plot. Behind me is a nasty thicket, to my right is hardwoods along the ridgetop, and to my left is a stand of mature oaks and hickories. The view in this pic is looking north.


Derek j

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Knox Co.
Here is a pic of my main stand during the rut. It is a great stand that I killed my buck two years ago in. It is an old tractor trail that sits next to a small creek. You can see a good ways all around when the leaves are gone.


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Massillon, Ohio
Here is my most recent one of the Farm I picked up. The view from this tree stand is awesome... I will be taking more from the other stand as well..Behind me is a total acron flat with a tractor path that runs the entire property. From this stand you have shots out into the field, and then into the hardwoods behind you. I am currently facing west in this picture. To my North is a couple hundred acre corn field, then to my east is all hardwoods. To my South there is pockets of corn and CRP. I have another set hung about 150 yds to my south that I will be trying this sat. Hopefully something pans out.

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Coshocton, OH
Here is the view from a stand I am extremely excited about. My dad got permission to hunt a 60 acre small farm that is heavily timbered. It has paths cut all through it, and deep in the bottom it opens into this 50x80 clear cut. Upon further investigation, there was already a nice hang on left by the previous owner right where we wanted to put a stand. Talk about a score!!!

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Here's my quick 6 acre hunting spot on the way home after work. I'm hunting on the back end of a hardwood flat overlooking a small ravine. The deer tend to run the back shelf before it drops off down hill. I saw two anterless and a coyote last night. All were too far away.


Nice views guys. My turn
The first is my blind at the quarry, out the back the river and if you look close some woodies swimmin by. Three great opposite bank shot lanes. Shot a buck on one a few years back.
blind river wood duck.jpg

Then out the front - this is where the apples lay. Cornfeild corner on the right out of sight and quarry in front. I shot a nice doe right there and there is usually a good scrape under a branch ten feet out the left of that window.
blind quarry.jpg
This one is my stand in the back yard. This is the veiw behind me. My food plot is the bright green in the upper distance. Im not hunting that until I see they are using it.
food plot stand.jpg
The next is the neighbors field to my right - apples at the opening - The Dark green tree overhanging the edge of the field is a huge Old Oak where I got busted all last year in the dark coming in.
stand feild oak.jpg
Last is the path to my left I come in on now and got busted on the other night at around 4:30. I was climbing they came in behind me on that path. Have had smaller bucks walk right under me last year on this one.
stand path.jpg


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Wayne, that stands look way better than I had imagined!!! Some great looking stands on here people. I'll post some of Hippie Ridge later. I'm headed in for the first time here in a bit...