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theohiooutdoors media group video


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North Central Ohio
This is Who We Are. Glad to have everybody here and enjoying the site and outdoors. We couldn't do it without you. Keep up the good work out there fellas and stay safe.



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Canton, Ohio
Thats really cool! Couple things that stood out are:

- The length the pictures are up until the next one appears is perfect. Not to long, not to short.
- The music fits the "part" of what you are showing.
- All those pictures do one thing, and that's represent! They truly represent what TOO is all about
and do it in a manner that everyone who likes the outdoors can relate to.

I tried to watch it through the eyes of a non-member. If that were the case...sign me up! Good job guys.


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NW Ohio
I showed my wife last night. She has only checked out something from an online hunting forum about 2-3 times ever. She just doesn't have any interest. My son followed her into my office to watch. His eyes LIT UP when he saw himself and his sister with the shed, and then the next frame it was him in the blind! Next thing you know, my daughter came in to see what all the commotion was. We watched it again. She said "Daddy, you should have sent them a picture of Hank." BAM! Next thing you know, there is ol' Hank standing on point. It was excellent!